Friday, July 24, 2009

Life in Ministry

I am beyond excited that I have moved into my office, officially called a "study." It is, shall we say, cozy. As wide as my bookshelf and endtable. As deep as my second chair and desk. But, with all of my books and pictures, crosses and candles, and my fun toys- squirt gun, light up antlers, Action figure Peter, and Clap for the Lord clappers, it is just right. My message board on my door playfully invites people to complete the sentence- The Vicar is ______________. I have gotten the handful of keys, the secrets to the phone system, and my vestments joined the others in the sacristy. I am told the sextons bring us cookies on Sunday! I had gracious help in moving in and found a cheerful Welcome sign above my desk, a ready laptop and printer and a tote bag in case I want one for carrying things around or going to the Farmers Market which I can walk to. I have been blessed with a wonderfully exuberant and supportive Internship Committee. I will be installed, will offer the benediction and then the adventure will begin to unfold.
It is an amazing time.
While I ask for your prayers as I embark, I also ask for prayers for a pastor in our synod who is experiencing a much different life in ministry. A year ago, he was called by a member who told him that the member's wife had been found dead in the pool. Murdered. Within mere hours of processing this loss, and attempting to walk with the husband, investigation led to the husband's arrest and charging. How to minister to a family in loss and also to one accused and whose fate hangs in the balance. A year later the trial has begun and the pastor was called as a witness and asked whether he knew the husband was having an affair at the time of his wife's death, and what his perception was of the husband's grieving or not grieving the loss of his wife. (The husband admits the affair and his child with the other woman was born this spring). I have been a lawyer, and a witness in my life. I have counseled others. I can only imagine what this pastor must be experiencing. Multi-faceted grief and stress. SO I ask for prayers for his care in the midst of his caring and ministering. The adventures of minstry can unfold in many ways- none of us ever wants to think it will look like this.

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