Sunday, November 22, 2009

Remote Controls and Kings

For today's children's sermon I brought a very lovely plastic tiara and claimed myself to be "queen" on this Christ the King Sunday. I dubbed the child who had brought the sermon box my loyal subject and directed that she open the royal box for me. Inside was a remote control. How perfect! The remote control is a perfect example of how we want to be in charge of everything. We can watch a show "on demand" and make the TV show us "picture within a picture" because we should not have to choose. But at our house what ends up happening is that we each want to be the king or queen of the remote. One person wants to watch "Gossip Girl," but someone else wants to watch sport or a movie. We talked about things we watch and one little boy mentioned watching baseball with his Dad. I shared how my husband loves baseball, but during the World Series the cable went out and then even the remote was not enough.
Today is Christ the King Sunday, a day when we say that instead of any one of us being king or queen, that God is the King of our lives. When we live with God as our King the picture changes. It stops being about how much we need to control. We learn to see everyone in the picture and to see that all of us are equal and loved and should be cared for. We let God's words tell us what is important. And Christ is a much better king.
Today more than other times the adults were as into the children's sermon as the kids were. I think that the remote control was such a statement of our desire to be King. We can all ask ourselves what the picture of really living in a "Christ the King" world means.

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Pastor Eric said...

What a great illustration...and it is so true.

I have heard of other pastors doing a similar thing...having kids bring an object and then the pastor creating a children's sermon on the spot. Brave soul. I haven't quite dared to try it yet :)