Monday, August 23, 2010

Transition moments

Sent LC #1 off to college with a very loud Big Ben-type alarm clock. She is immune to more polite alarms so a sturdy clanging double bells on the top type it was. Not electric, not digital, no remote, no encryption or password needed, just put in a battery and set the time and flick the little switch on the back to ON to set it and OFF when you get up. ON before you go to bed. How hard could this be? Six 18-19 years olds were mystified and could not get it to work and were calling her in the a.m. every five minutes to make sure she was up. Old school is so difficult!
LC#2 is adapting to the fact that she can no longer: steal her sisters clothes and shoes, leave a mess and claim it was not her. No one to yell at on a bad day and they manage to miss each other's schedules when texting. Thank God for Facebook!
And we had to buy another graphing calculator because the one they shared when they had math opposite semesters is now at college.
I just bought books for the first of the last two semesters (I hope) and had to wrack my brain for my Blackboard signin which I have not needed in a very long time. And I know I should start learning that Hebrew alphabet- but I am a little lacking in the inspiration department. Fortunately I am still trying to coordinate the high school, college and seminary schedules including two sets of football.
One way another may the three of us get where we need to be, do what we need to do.

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Stratoz said...

here is some hope that you all get there, or at least wake up in time to possibly get there ;')