Monday, June 11, 2007

Where to Begin-We Walk by Faith

Last fall I finally stopped saying "no" to God's call to ministry. Thus I hurled myself into the great unknown concept of "retiring" from my first career as a lawyer and walking by faith. I now read the story of the disciples casting down their nets in a whole new light. I always wondered what their families must have thought when they announced they were leaving behind good jobs to follow Jesus. This is in fact what has happened. I have been a litigator for 19 years. Fellow lawyers have expressed envy that I can "just walk away." But the process of closing an office, attending that last hearing, telling clients of my decision has not been without watershed moments. I can only imagine what is like for the person for whom a job ending is not a choice but an imposition. And I had to end these things before I knew whether I would be given positive entrance by my church to begin study. Thank the Lord they did. And no matter how strong your faith, to tell someone who has viewed you as one person that you are about to become something very different has not been without great trepidation. I am blessed with family support, and a good life. Now I pray I can transition into school for the first time since 1988. Excitement, fear, and everything in between. We walk by faith.

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