Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Flick- Come Lord Jesus Come

I have survived the midterm wave once I finish a paper today. But I know that alot of my friends and buddies at LTSG have a lot on their minds and hearts. Family and personal health issues. The missing of loved ones. Needing self care. Stressed about lots of things- maybe feeling inadequate, lost or just plain frazzled. Trying to make ends meet. Living in the tensions.
I am writing a paper on the book entitled Finally Comes The Poet, by Walter Brueggeman. Here are some thoughts:

Quoting Walt Whitman-
"After the great captains and engineers have accomplished their work,
After the noble inventors, after the scientists, the chemist, the geologist, ethnologist,
Finally shall come the poet worthy of that name,
The true Son of God singing his songs."

Brueggeman writes:
"After all such control through knowledge, finally comes the poet.. ( and) prevents our reduced world from becoming brutal and coldly closed in on us."
" Is there a word there ( in the Scripture text) that can rescue me from my exhausted coping?"
This is the task of the preacher.

"The congregation departs. Same old quarrels in the car on the way home. Same old tensions at dinner. Same tired beginning on Monday. Now, however, there is disclosed a new word, a new hope, a new verb, a new conversation, a new risk, a new possibility. It is not a new truth, but rather one long known that had been greatly reduced.
The Author of the text laughs in delight, the way the Author laughed only at creation and at Easter, but laughs again when the sermon carries the day against the prose of the Dark Prince who wants no poetry in the region he thinks he governs."
"The newly proclaimed territory becomes a new home of freedom, justice, peace and abiding joy."


Gannet Girl said...

Gotta love that Breuggeman.

Diane said...

yes, I was just thinking what gg was thinking.

David said...

I enjoy reading Breuggeman. He was a favorite of my CPE supervisor so we had plenty of discussions on WB's works.