Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts about the week:
1. ALWAYS fully read the questions on the quiz so you do not get a comment like "why would anyone care about what you wrote on this paper?" OUCH
2.Sometimes the view from the seminary and the view from the parish are REALLY different. There is a restructuring of the teaching parish program which no longer requires seminarians to be in parish every week. This was not fully internalized by the pastors, nor fully embraced once implemented. You could bear the brunt of the frustration about the change.
3. Your children will still need you : to tutor them in Spanish the night before your test that you need to study for.

1. You will do something in your parish that makes someone smile, or think in a new way.
2. Your friends will tell you about their own mishaps and you will see that even when you feel like you are falling, you are still here and intact.
3. You will remember why you are here, and for me this meant that twice this week someone reached out in need and you were the one who could listen, commiserate and pray with them. For me this came in the form of two friends dealing with family members who committed suicide. One knew of my own family dealing with this. The other, says she has no idea what drew her to talk to me except we chaperone together on a band bus. And so it is, people with huge problems to face, just keep seeking me out.


Diane said...

you ARE called to this. Hard. work.

but Good work.

Prayers for you.

Pastor Eric said...

I echo what Diane ARE called to this work. I am glad you are seeing that God is bringing people in your life that need to hear/experience God's love. God bless and my prayers are also with you.