Friday, November 30, 2007

My Christmas 3 x 3-Thanks for the study break, Coach!

Tagged by Coach, at Prepare Ye, and even though I do not "Christmas" until Advent, here's my Christmas 3 x 3:
What are your three favorite Christmas songs & who sings them?
O Holy Night- growing up we had an alto singer who sang this as a solo from the balcony, at the Christmas Eve service. Think candles, and peacefulness and an ethereal voice floating in from on high... still gives me goosebumps.

Silent Night- Again, ever since I was little, it is the first carol I remember learning back when I was in kindergarten- I thought it was "round john virgin"- that's why I had to come to seminary- to get the real answer.;)

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree- Have a Happy Holiday!( but a close second is I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus- you can tell I was little in the 60's)

What are your three favorite "Christmas" foods? You know, the stuff you only get around Christmas or the holidays.
Ambrosia- part of my Southern roots. Oranges, apples, pineapple,coconut, honey and rum- no marshmallows. Yum!

Sandtarts- Just a little brown on the edges with walnut and cinnamon sugar on top. We make them as a family.

Eggnog-How much nog is in eggnog?

What are your three Christmas secrets?
I recycle gift bags- years ago there was a Christmas that lots of festive gift bags showed up holding gifts we four got, and the following year, I recycled them. After initially frowning, my in-laws now keep track of who has the favorite Santa bag.

I actually like fruitcake

Every year something gets lost at Christmas- one year, it was the Baby Jesus for the nativity ( since we do not put Jesus in the stable until the "proper" time) . I thought the dog ate him. One year, my 3 year old decorated the Christmas tree with my car keys. Bright, shiny, with a convenient hanging hook. They landed on the back side of the tree and were not found until Epiphany.

SO, there you have it. I tag Diane, at Faith in Community and Gannet Girl ( I know it's finals, but come out and play!)


Unlikely Conversationalist said...

No doubt you have childhood favorites, but do you have any that you've started to care for in more recent years. I've gained a new appreciation for the Peanuts "Christmas Time is Here and I have really started to like Once in Royal Davids City in the last couple of years.
One of the best parts for me is that these songs a great lullaby's.

Diane said...

I have started to Like Once in Royal David's City too.. (heard that for the British, it is "Silent Night", the one carol they HAVE to sing.)

I'll probably be doing this one sometime today, during the snowstorm!


LawAndGospel said...

You both bring up an interesting point. First, I am an unabashed Peanuts fan, and if I could expand my list it would have been there all along. Once in Royal David's City would have made the top 5. There is an outstanding program on public TV on every year which is a Festival of Lessons and Carols and opens with a boy soprano singing this song. Also on my list would be Personent Hodie- "On this Day the Earth Shall Ring. Done best by the Rooke Chapel Singers and Ringers at Bucknell. Finally, the track on the Sonific Widget- Hodie Christus Natus Est is my new favorite.

Diane said...

wanted you to know that I finally played!