Monday, November 12, 2007

Ten Random Things

I've been tagged by fellow seminarian, David at Here I Stand to post Ten Random Things About myself. These are not necessarily in the order of priority, importance or general amusement value, but, here goes:

10. I am not able to get through a day without chocolate. It can be any kind, but unlike many people I know, I actually like the kind that have the cream center- raspberry is my favorite, followed by orange. My favorite feel good kind is Divine Chocolate. Yummy and socially responsible.
9. I own too many black clothing items ( hence I went to seminary). Probably every length of skirts, pants, and type of footwear in black can be found in my closet, which leads to my next thing.
8. I am uncapable of keeping an organized closet or desk. Open a drawer or door at your peril. The other day the dog was attacked by an avalanche of sweaters. I am a packrat. I save things just in case they have a future use. Invariably they will, but I may not remember where it is stashed.
Remember the Thompson Twins? I love 80's music- of all genres. We sit around and crank the volume. Sadly we have ruined our children. However, I am a musical mutt- really anything except country or violent rap is fair game- for cranking purposes, really good organ music- Vidor's Toccata comes to mind.
6. I cannot kill anything including moths, lost ladybugs, or any other bug. I also save wayward rodents or bats and usher them outside ( even though I guess they will just come back).
5. The places I wish I could travel to are: The Holy Land; Germany; New Zealand and a safari in Africa ( no gun- just a camera).
4. The hobby I wish I had time for is photography, but becoming a better writer is up there.
3. Watching the little kids carry out the Baby Jesus to the manger while we sing Silent Night on Christmas Eve in the candlelit sanctuary makes me cry.
2. My pet peeve is injustice- people disrespecting others in all forms.
1. The thing I miss most about my daughters being older is how cool it is to hold a snuggling baby.


Diane said...

you can NEVER have too many black clothing items. imho.

great list!

David said...

Or too much chocolate! I agree...great list. I hope you get to try your hand at photography. I love black and white photography best and even learned how to develop my own film. It is great fun!

Coach said...

Ahhh, the 80's. Back when men wore no socks, women wore their hair high enough to reach God, MTV actually played music and British synth bands ruled the world! And most of our class mates were pooping on themselves.

Somethings don't change......