Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not a Good time to Get the Flu

We LTSG-ers are on Reading Days ( timed like Spring Break, but with projects in need of attention- take home exams, exegetical work, papers). I had a great plan to divide up the work so it would be manageable and completed and I would get a head start on what lies ahead in the face of the time constraints of Holy Week and Easter. And I am preaching this Sunday in the Country Parish, followed by the fast pace of services for the Triddum. And the three services Easter Sunday, the first of which is in the cemetery at 6 AM on the breezy hilltop with no trees in balmy central PA.
I am singing a solo on Maundy Thursday, and singing the first three verses of "Were You There" on Good Friday, a capella. I am intoning the over five minute long Exultet at the Vigil and assisting in a service I am so looking forward to, when our spare teen is baptized. She is into Japanese anime and I have found the Manga Bible to keep her interested in new ways.
And to top it off the weather has been nice, I could be out cleaning up the yard and garden for spring planting.
Most of my friends were deathly sick a couple weeks ago with the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia and mono. And I escaped. Until my older daughter got sick. And now, on the threshold of all of the above, I have been increasingly sick for the last four days. Over the counter meds are just not risingto the occasion, so today I go see the doctor,something I never do. I am hoping I can get propped up well enough to do all of the above. If I can stop coughing long enough to sleep that will be a blessing.


LutheranChik said...

Prayers our house we just can't seem to escape a cycle of illness; it's been a rough two months.

david said...

I too am praying that you get well soon. Sounds like you will need your energy.

Gannet Girl said...

Oh dear -- I hope you are able to sleep soundly for awhile and regain some strength for all that you have ahead of you.

Pastor Eric said...

You are indeed in my prayers. Take care of yourself.