Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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Lately we have been rather inundated by cool rainy days- good for the garden, but kind of "wet blanket" on outside fun. But yesterday the rain slowed down to "spotty" as they say in Ireland. The newly on-the-mend Buddy and I went out for a stroll 'round. His first real effort since the second trip to the animal hospital. He was snoofing everywhere and the tail was wag, wag, wagging. And I took my camera to capture the lush green and the beauty of freshly cleansed plants. The birds were out in abundance on snack patrol for themselves and their young. There are house finches in the garden birdhouse so we stayed away. But the birdsong cheeping and trilling is lovely this year. Lots to do, inside and out, but a nice diversion just the same.

And in the category of "thrifty seminarian" the wicker is a cast off set I repainted with outdoor paints with plastic pebble bathmat seat covers. Many of the plants have been from friends and neighbors. And soon there will be Maxwell House Coffee can luminarias, once they are painted, in time for a test drive before LC#2's backyard fiesta in August. And hopefully the raised bed will produce yummy organic veggies for the family. And this will be my sanctuary from CPE in less than two weeks.


DogBlogger said...

What a wonderful, wonderful space! Should be just what you need during CPE sabbath times.

Althea N. Agape said...

I'm with you on the CPE, but my backyard isn't that pretty!