Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A prayer for a walk of faith

The legal profession is trained to "fix" things, find solutions and get to the bottom line as soon as possible. I confess that one of my weaknesses is getting ahead of the situation. I have been known to see what needs to be done ( at least in my opinion) and begin singular race to get it done. While enthusiasm is appreciated, we are called to many fruits of the Spirit, one of which is self-control. One of the lessons I continually need to learn is to be still, listen, and let God be God. So I was inspired to know I am not alone when I read the Reflection in the July 2007 Lutheran magazine, entitled "Pedestrian Crossing." Kurt Lammi, a seminarian at LTSPhiladelphia writes

God, may I never step out in front of you.
May I never block your path
and put myself in your way again.
And if I ever decide
that I'm the one in charge,
run me over with your bus again.
Apparently, I haven't learned.

From Lammi's anthology, Bread for Beggars, published by Lulu Press. (www.lulu.com)


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