Thursday, April 3, 2008

Enough Already!

I often get to listen to various "news" channels on my sojourn to and from LTSG. Today I heard something I found very disturbing. Since the media refuse to let the Jeremiah Wright story die, there has been reporting upon how the story will not die, and the effects of this upon Rev. Wright and his former flock at Trinity United Church. I became livid when I heard...
Reporters trying to interview people as they came to the church to worship, staking out space in the parking lot.
Then I became more piqued when I heard that reporters used the list of hospitalized and shut-ins to make contacts for interviews with members.
As if that was not enough, reporters "snuck" into services and tried to interview people worshipping- DURING the worship services.
AND just in case all of that was insufficient to get you feeling a little antagonistic, this was DURING HOLY WEEK SERVICES!
All of this was reported by a perky CNN reporter who opened her report by telling us she had asked and was given permission to report on this from the sanctuary where she dramatically noted the very pulpit from which Reverend Wright delivered his controversial sermons. OOOoooh! See it LIVE!
The comment from the anchor at CNN was something like, "Gee I am sure the members of the church had a rough time." Oozing with sincerity.
This rant brought to you by one "church person" who thinks the sanctity of worship, any one's worship should not be destroyed for "Film at 11"
We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...


Gannet Girl said...

You know, I might steal this from you and blog about it.

I almost never listen to the news when I drive. I just can't stand the added noice in my brain.

Of course, I have listened to WICKED at least 100 times!

From your fellow road-warrior.

Diane said...

oh, it's just awful. Meanwhile, the NY times has an article about how great McCain is today. (sigh)