Monday, April 14, 2008

Running the Gauntlet

My fellow seminarian calls this time running the gauntlet. I have a Systematic theology paper (done); a paper on two of Luther's works (done); a complete exegetical analysis of a Matthew text, including narrative, form, redaction, text, sociohistorical criticism of my tranlation with sermon (done). Preaching this coming Sunday in Teaching parish ( sermon done).
This week I am stressing about our group project on Wednesday to enact an entire service with an infant baptism, bilingual, in a traditional congregation with an east wall altar, which includes Communion. I am the presider.
But I still have a paper for my Worship class, a paper for a preaching class on Matthew's Christology, a final paper about my teaching parish, another sermon for my preaching class, and an integrative project for my Gospels class. And these need be done by April 28th. Then I get two take home exams due the following week for Reformations and Systematic Theology.
Plenty to do. But I can still laugh and especially at myself. I was leading morning prayer at the seminary and I intended to say a prayer that begin with..
"Lord, wherever two or three of us are gathered.."
But in my mind, I converted to the way this phrase reads in the Bible, so it came out-
"Lord, wherever two or three of YOU are gathered."
No good way to fix it, so I just kept moving.
But I am not, for the record, polytheistic.
Instead of being embarassed, I wanted to laugh at myself in the service.
I wonder if this ever happens to others?
I hope God, ( and all the other gods;) ) laugh too.


Gannet Girl said...

Oh yeah. I put the appearance to Thomas a week late in a sermon a couple of weeks ago

Girl! You have enough to do! You put me to shame with my complaining!

Diane said...

hmmm. I think there is some precedent for your gaffe in scripture. "then God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness..." genesis 1:26, RSV.

Pastor Eric said... brain is hurting just reading all that you have to do.

God bless you!

As for worship slip ups: My very first Sunday on internship I was helping serve communion. My supervisor was serving the bread saying, "The Body of Christ broken for you" and I followed behind serving the wine saying, "The blood of Christ, BROKEN for you". It took me a couple tables to figure out my mistake :)