Thursday, April 10, 2008

Remembering To Live Life

Lately I have not been blogging because there is a veritable mountain of stuff to get done in the next couple of weeks. One group project has been dominating alot of time and I had to stay over the other night so we could practice in the chapel at night. I am generally territorial about time on campus versus time with the family. Being at school five days a week and away on Sundays and needing to do work on Saturdays, I struggle with how my family sees me at all. Add a couple needy group members who always lose every copy of every paper and "seem" to have complicated schedules, and it is hard to maintain a pleasant disposition. My "crash room" was great as they go, and friends on the floor are a plus. I did not have to share my bed with a snoring dog or spouse. I had the space all to myself. It was SO quiet.

When I came home, I realized yet again, that the drone of bickering teenage girls, fighting for the shower, the dog under my feet in the kitchen and having to create a quick meal that can get a "that was good" - IS GOOD. The other day I bought a new washer and did not get the super sized model because- in a couple of years the girls will be in college.

Next Sunday I am preaching from the Johannine text about "I am the way, the truth and the life." Much of that sermon is about the way, but today I am thinking about the life. So often we put off things for some other time when we will have more or less of something. Just like the early believers who were busy waiting for Jesus to come back, that someone has to say- wait, life starts now!

So I was already thinking about all of this, when I read an article and ended up visiting the website for a CMU professor Randy Pausch who was asked to give a "Last Lecture" which a chance for a professor to give the " everything you wanted to say" lecture. In the midst of this planning, he learned he is terminally and incurably ill with pancreatic cancer. So this really is the last lecture. This is his website. You can watch the full lecture or some shorter versions as well as learn about a print version of this lecture.

I do not know anything about this man and what role faith may play for him. But I urge you to check this out. Whether it is papers, or work stresses or trying to keep track of the schedules on the refrigerator, or whatever it may be, Life really is here and now amidst all that God has provided. Today, I went to look for my favorite birds on campus and to wonder that all God has done and is doing. I encourage you to do the same and to give thanks for the life that is now.

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