Thursday, August 2, 2007

I35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis

Whatever else I was going to post today seems somehow insignificant in light of yesterday's events in Minneapolis. Thanks to those Lutheran bloggers like Faith in Community who have so eloquently captured the struggle between loss and seeing God in the situation. Whenever these events occur, the effect is like that of throwing a pebble into the water, because the ripples out go farther than just the impact. For everyone experiencing loss, and everyone who is waiting, for those who responded and worked tirelessly, both the professionals and the people nearby who just sprang into action despite the risk, for the healthcare staffs, the places of worship, and all who just ministered on the spot. For the community of Minneapolis and all of the other places where people affected may be. When people ask where is God, He is in all of those who have reached out and in all of us when we offer our prayers for comfort and healing, strength, peace and God's abiding presence in the days to come which go out to you all.


Diane said...

thank you for your prayers. these thoughts are more eloquent than mine.

LawAndGospel said...

Different words, same heart for people. Keep the faith.